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Upper90 College will cover the NSCAA Convention

Upper90 College is excited to be the official media partner of the NSCAA and will be providing original content of the 2014 NSCAA Convention for ...

Upper90 College Colombia & Indonesian Camps Complete

Upper90 College President Chris Campasano embarked on a trip to Colombia  to be part of the largest sports tournament in the country, the HS Binationals ...

Upper90 College Expands Sydney Schools Partnerships

Over the coming months, Upper90 College will be working with several new school partners within NSW, with more schools looking at the US college soccer ...

Upper90 College Finalizes Partnership with Ardingly College

On its second visit in less than a month, Upper90 College President, Chris Campasano, and Senior Recruiting Director, Mark Lincir, finalized an official partnership to ...

Sydney College Soccer ID Camp Success

Upper90 College ID Camp - Sydney is now complete, with very talented boys and girls from across New South Wales being assessed by Leon Kita (Recruiting ...

Upper90 College Works With Talented Footballers At Christian Brothers Lewisham, Sydney

Upper90 College APAC continues their momentum in helping to develop and provide a pathway into US college soccer within our vast network of programs, to ...

Upper90 College Gains Insider Access To ‘England’s La Masia’

England's Four Four Two magazine recently provided an article in regard to 'England's La Masia'  that is Ardingly College, Sussex (England). Upper90 College had the privilege ...

Upper90 College Holds Successful Meetings With Norwegian College of Elite Sports (NTG)

NTG (Norwegian College of Elite Sports) welcomed Founder Chris Campasano, and Senior Recruiting Director Mark Lincir in discussion regarding the potential collaboration of the two ...

Upper90 College Opens Opportunities For Soccer Players In Sweden

Upper90 College is gaining some great momentum in the Scandanavian region. Over the past 2 days, President, Chris Campasano and Senior Recruiting Director, Mark Lincir ...

Upper90 College Opens US College Soccer Pathway Throughout Scandanavia

Upper90 College continues its momentum in Europe, opening up our College Soccer ID Camp to players throughout Scandanavia. President, Chris Campasano, and Senior Recruiting Director, ...


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